uTorrent icon
In one click, pause all torrents on uTorrent and then automatically they get resume.

How to use:
-Since this is an unkown program, Avast (and may be other antivirus) suggest to run it on a

sandbox. Chose normal mode, and tick the option to remember it.
-Run uTpause Wizard to make a icon on the Desktop to run it on a specific mode.
-Double click your custom shortcut and Done! =D

uTpause on tray icon mode
uTpause has 3 modes: *double click, *tray icon and *idle.

  • Double click: just double click the icon to pause uTorrent.
  • Tray icon: right clicking the taskbar icon, you get a menu to chose how many minutes you want to pause uTorrent.
  • Idle, have two modes:
    • Just Resume: on idle, it just Resume yours Torrents
    • Resume and Pause: Resume on idle, and Pause on activity.


If you want to leave a comment please do it in this thread on the uTorrent forum. thx =D